Independent Reference Group

The Department established an Independent Reference Group (IRG), the membership of which is representative of enforcement agencies, the Office of Film and Literature Classification, Internet Service Providers, Internet users, and agencies and community groups with an interest in the welfare of children.

The general function of the IRG is to maintain oversight of the operation of the Digital Child Exploitation Filtering System to ensure it is operated with integrity and adheres to the principles set down in the Code of Practice.

Members of the IRG

  • David Shanks - Chief Censor, Office of Film & Literature Classification
  • Kathleen Logan - Office of the Children's Commissioner
  • Tim Houston - Manager Digital Child Exploitation, Department of Internal Affairs
  • Mark Harris - Technology Research & Consulting
  • Leela Gantman - Corporate Relations Director, Spark New Zealand
  • Geoff Thorn - Chief Executive Officer, Telecommunication Carriers Forum
  • David Stone - Consultant

Meeting minutes and briefing documents

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March 2019

Due to operational reasons associated with the events of 15th March 2019, and the resulting number of absences amongst the Independent Reference Group (IRG) members it was decided to postpone the March meeting of the IRG.

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