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Measuring Agency Results

New Zealanders are at the heart of Result 10 and a key way to measure our progress is via the positive impact Result 10 is having on customers.

A key part of helping New Zealanders complete their transactions with government easily in a digital environment is to plot the progress of the agencies involved in Result 10. This page provides a quarterly update of the “basket” of New Zealanders’ most common transactions that are suitable for transition to the digital environment.   

Latest results: July 2012 - June 2014 (last sevenquarters) .xlsx (12.5kb)**

**This file is in Microsoft Excel 2010 (.xlsx) format. If you do not have access to Excel 2010 you may use the Excel file viewer to view, print and export the contents of this file.

By 2017 an average of 70 per cent of New Zealanders’ most common transactions with government will be completed in a digital environment.

Quarterly Measures - for April-June 2014



Apr-Jun 2013

Jan-Mar 2014 

 Apr-Jun 2014

NZ Customs Service

SmartGate departures and arrivals




Department of Internal Affairs

Renew adult passport (1)




Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment

(Immigration New Zealand)

Apply for visa




Department of Conservation

Book Department of Conservation asset




New Zealand Police

Pay for fine on time



 48.6% (TBC)

New Zealand Transport Agency

Pay for Vehicle Licence




Inland Revenue


Apply for an IRD Number


 0.0 %


File an Individual Tax Return




Pay Individual Tax




Ministry of Social Development

Apply for Financial Assistance








(1) The figures shown for Renew Adult Passport are an estimate only.

The Result 10 measure gauges the overall transition of government transactions to the digital environment by measuring the progress of ten indicator transactions across eight agencies. These are regular, high-volume transactional services expected to have consistent levels of demand over the five year period. Information is collected quarterly from Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), New Zealand Police, New Zealand Customs Service, Inland Revenue (IR), Ministry of Social Development (MSD), Department of Conservation (DOC), Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) (Immigration) and New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).

Note: ‘Apply for IRD Number’ currently shows zero percentage digital uptake. This service is not currently available online. Inland Revenue is working with other agencies on a secure combined approach to online authentication and verification issues (including the confidentiality of IRD numbers).

For the April to June 2014 quarter, there is a 39.3% average digital uptake of the selected bundle of services. This is:

  • 2.4% above the Apr-Jun 2013 Quarter. 
  • 2.7% below the Jan-Mar 2014 Quarter. 

The April to June 2014 figures are for the fourth quarter of the second year of measuring progress towards Result 10 Target Measurement.  

Some highlights from this quarter include: 

  • The Pay for Fine (NZ Police) target measure continued to increase this quarter with no additional service enhancements being carried out. This confirms their research that compliance will be enhanced as long as a digital service channel is convenient. The results and recommendations from their recently completed usability research exercise will be used to generate ideas and agree on initiatives targeted to improve usability and increase uptake of the digital service.
  • Renew Adult Passport (DIA): The Online Renewal Service is making it easy for New Zealanders to apply for a passport from within New Zealand and abroad by making the service simple, convenient and fast. The online service has now been available for 20 months and continues to be positively received. Since the launch in Nov 2012 over 230,000 passports have been issued through the online channel while the Online Photo Checker continues to be successful with 75% of right first time uploads" to the online renewal service in the last quarter. 
  • Pay Individual Tax (IRD): Promotion of secure online services increased during tax "peak season". The volume of individual income tax payments made to IR continued to grow this year, and a higher proportion of payments were made digitally: an annual increase of 4.5 percentage points in digital payments. 
  • Pay for Vehicle Licence (NZTA): The online services for Motor Vehicle Licensing broke 26% within May and June, with a whole percentage point gained between April and June. During quarter four, service improvement roles were established that allowed customer feedback to be put into action. Eleven initiatives drive by customer feedback have been completed or are currently underway.