Questions and Answers

Why is the Inquiry focusing on fuel supply resilience in Auckland only?

The scope of the Inquiry reflects the fact that the RAP outage primarily affected fuel supply to the Auckland region. Nevertheless, it is expected recommendations from the Inquiry will be relevant to regions outside of Auckland.

When will the Inquiry report back to the Minister of Energy and Resources?

It is estimated the Inquiry will deliver a final report to the Minister within six months from the establishment of the Inquiry and that report is due in June 2019.

What are the next steps?

A secretariat is being established by the Department of Internal Affairs to support the Inquiry, and it is expected that the inquirers will announce their plan for the Inquiry shortly. 

Who will lead the Inquiry? Why were they chosen?

The Inquiry members are Elena Trout (Chair) and Dr Roger Blakeley. Both of them have engineering backgrounds. Elena Trout has a wealth of governance experience and a deep understanding of energy issues, while Roger Blakeley is a member of the Wellington Regional Council and has held leadership positions in both central and local government.

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