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Part C: Trust Money Administered on Behalf of the Crown

Schedule of Trust Money Administered on Behalf of the Crown for the year ended 30 June 2012

The following trust money is administered on behalf of the Crown under Part VII of the Public Finance Act 1989.

Description of Trusts

Vogel House Trust

This trust was established to hold bonds for the hireage of Vogel House and Premier House.

Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Fund

This trust was established by Government as a result of the Canterbury Earthquake of 22 February 2011. It is a registered charity and administers donations and grants made to affected people in Canterbury.

New Zealand 1990 Scholarships

The New Zealand 1990 Scholarship Trust was established to provide scholarships for top overall students in University Bursaries examinations.

Macklin Bequest Fund

The Macklin Bequest Fund is used to fund special projects relating to the National Library and may include collaborative projects between the National Library and other institutions in the galleries, libraries, archives and museum sector or between the National Library and other libraries, that supplement and further the work of other libraries in New Zealand.

Interloans Billing System Fund

The Interloans Billing System Fund is administered by the National Library. The trust manages the on-charging of fees for national inter-lending of books between participating New Zealand libraries and fees for Trans-Tasman inter-lending between participating New Zealand and Australian libraries.

Schedule of Trust Money

The schedule shows the opening and closing trust balances including bank and investments at cost, and the movements during the year.

Under the Public Finance Act 1989, and by delegation from the Secretary to The Treasury, trust money can only be invested on deposit with New Zealand registered banks or in New Zealand government stock. Trust money is also managed so there is no significant concentration of credit risk. Interest rate risk is managed by investing across a wide range of maturity dates, but subject to liquidity requirements.

Schedule of Trust Money
Trust Open Balance 2011 Contributions Distributions Revenue Expenses Closing Balance 2012
Vogel House
Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Fund 41,595 29,115 (34,100) 1,890 38,500
New Zealand 1990 Scholarships 706 18 724
Macklin Bequest Fund 252 10 262
Interloans Billing System Fund 3 456 (452) 7
Total Trust 42,556 29,115 (34,100) 2,374 (452) 39,493

These figures are subject to audit.

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