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The Minister of Local Government acts as the territorial authority for a number of offshore islands that are not included in the boundaries of an established local authority. Only three have any significant population and / or permanent buildings and structures.

  • Motiti Island - a small settled island with a permanent population mostly engaged in farming.
  • Mayor (Tuhua) Island - a small, dormant volcanic island situated off the Bay of Plenty coast. The island is controlled by the Tuhua Trust Board, which maintains and hires out several buildings and cabins. The island is closed to the public over the winter period.
  • Whakaari/White Island - Uninhabited Whakaari/White Island lies 48km off the Bay of Plenty coast and is the visible tip of a mostly submerged volcano. It is New Zealand’s most active volcano. Although privately owned, White Island became a private scenic reserve in 1953, and daily tours allow people to visit White Island.
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Information Releases

From time to time, the Minister of Local Government and/or the Department of Internal Affairs releases information requested under the Official Information Act 1982. This section provides links to material produced by the Department of Internal Affairs in relation to offshore islands.
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