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  • Statistics for New Zealand Citizenship

    More than 747,530 people have become citizens since New Zealand citizenship was introduced in 1949.

    In 2014, 27,947 people were granted New Zealand citizenship.

    The table below lists the top 10 previous citizenships of people who became New Zealand citizens by grant during 2014.

    Previous Citizenship Total granted
    United Kingdom 4,420
    South Africa 3,693
    Philippines 2,721
    Samoa 2,593
    Fij 2,236
    India 2,218
    China 1,327
    Zimbabwe 575
    Tonga 501
    Malaysia 402

    Below are links to New Zealand Citizenship statistics from 1949 - 2014

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    Top 10 Country figures (1949 - 2014)

    Combined Citizenship by Grant figures from 1949-2013