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Resource material › Dog Control › 2016-2017 Nationwide menacing dog neutering campaign

Additional round of applications for subsidised neutering opened for January 2017

Applications for territorial authorities to seek funding for subsidised neutering programmes for classified menacing dogs are open until 23 January 2017.

The funding can only be used to support programmes, or particular parts of wider programmes, that subsidise neutering of dogs classified as menacing, or dogs that would be classified as menacing if they were registered. Councils are encouraged to fund subsidised registration and microchipping as part of their programmes.

Applications will be assessed as they come in by the Department of Internal Affairs, with input from Local Government New Zealand and the New Zealand Institute of Animal Management.

The Department would like to thank councils, local SPCAs, and other groups for their ongoing involvement in the nationwide campaign to date.

To apply for funding for a programme, please fill out the application form below and email it to