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New information management service for government agencies

22 November 2013

New information management service for government agencies
A new all-of-government information management service will help agencies create
better public services in a digital world, says Government Chief Information Officer
Colin MacDonald.

"The new service will improve the ability of agencies to create, store, share, protect
and manage their digital information. This will help us to unlock the value of the
information held across government to design and deliver new services and support
evidence-based policy-making,” says Mr MacDonald.

“Better information management leads to better decision-making, and better services
for all New Zealanders.”

New Zealand firm Intergen and international companies Team Informatics and Open
Text have been selected for a supplier panel which will provide Enterprise Content
Management as a Service (ECMS) to government agencies. Agencies can use the
services of a company on the ECMS panel to modernise their information
management systems.

A cloud-based offering, ECMS supports initiatives to improve information
management in government, outlined in the Government ICT Strategy and Action
Plan to 2017 announced in June. Delivery of ECMS is a specific action in the Plan.
The panel will reduce procurement and purchasing costs for agencies, and the
government will benefit over time from economies of scale created by volume
discounts. Services include document and records management, workflow and
collaboration tools, and efficient access to information through mobile devices.
Mr MacDonald says that privacy was a key consideration during the procurement
process. “ECMS allows agencies to set and control who has access to information
stored in the ECMS; this information can be audited by each agency.”

ECMS is one of a suite of cloud-based offerings intended to simplify ICT
management in government agencies, help them work together, and make them
more efficient and effective. An all-of-government desktop management service was
announced recently, and an office productivity service that will standardise the
approach to email is expected soon.

The Ministry of Primary Industries led the ECMS procurement process working
closely with the Department of Internal Affairs, the Department of Conservation, the
Ministry of Social Development and NZ Police. The Department of Internal Affairs will
be responsible for the ongoing management of the panel. “This is a great example of
agencies working together for the good of the entire State sector.”

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