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Charlotte and Oliver the most popular baby names in 2013

Charlotte and Oliver were the most popular names for newborn girls and boys in 2013, according to details released today by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Charlotte has been popular in recent years, but had not been the most popular choice since 2006. Oliver claims the top boys’ spot for the first time, after running second to Jack in 2012.

The full list is available on the Department of Internal Affairs website.

2013 Top 10 Girls’ Names (2012 place in brackets):

  1. Charlotte (4)
  2. Emily (3)
  3. Ruby (5)
  4. Sophie (2)
  5. Olivia (1)
  6. Isla (12)
  7. Amelia (8)
  8. Ava (10)
  9. Isabella (6)
  10. Ella (7)

Top 10 Boys’ Names (2012 place in brackets):
  1. Oliver (2)
  2. Jack (1)
  3. James (11)
  4. William (3)
  5. Mason (5)
  6. Liam (4)
  7. Samuel (6)
  8. Lucas (8)
  9. Noah (10)
  10. Thomas (18)

"Registering your baby as soon as possible is an important step for all parents. It gives your child a legal identity and the rights, responsibilities and support services that go with being a New Zealander," says Jeff Montgomery, Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages. “Both parents have the primary legal responsibility to register the birth of their children.

Registration allows birth certificates to be issued. They can now be purchased online using RealMe as well as by phone (0800 22 52 52 in New Zealand) or calling into an Internal Affairs office in Auckland, Manukau, Wellington or Christchurch. Certificates cost $26.50 for one or $39.80 for a package of two certificates of the same person.


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The names are recorded in a national register only. We cannot provide regional breakdowns.

In general, any name can be registered unless: it might cause offence to a reasonable person; or it is unreasonably long; or without adequate justification, it is, includes, or resembles, an official title or rank. See the Births, Deaths and Marriages and Relationships Registration Act 1995