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The Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) is administered by the Department of Internal Affairs. Information about COGS, including how to apply, is located on the website.

Further information

An evaluation of the Community Organisation Grants Scheme was undertaken in 2009/10 to ascertain how well the scheme was achieving its outcomes and whether changes introduced in 2003 had made a positive difference to the scheme. * This document is in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. You need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download a free version from the Adobe website.

The Office of the Auditor-General recently completed a performance audit of the Department of Internal Affairs’ administration of Lottery Grants and the Community Organisation Grants Scheme. Their report was tabled in Parliament on Tuesday 9 November 2010 and can be read on the Office of the Auditor-General's website.