Organisation Chart - long description

Three tiers of organisation are represented by rows of boxes. The top row contains a single box labelled: Chief Executive

The next row contains seven boxes, each representing a branch of the Department. Below each of these is a column of boxes of varying number representing the business units within each branch, as follows:

Policy, Regulation and Communities (PRC) – Policy Group; Office of Ethnic Communities; Regulatory Services; Local Government Comission; Branch Development and Support

Service and System Transformation (SST) – Commercial Strategy and Delivery; System Transformation; ICT Assurance; Relationship Management; Service Innovation; Government Chief Privacy Officer; Government Information Services; Branch Development and Support

Information & Knowledge Services (IKS) – Archives New Zealand; National Library; Branch Development and Support

Service Delivery & Operations (SDO) – Charities Services; Community Operations;  Pou Ä€rahi; Services & Access; Partners & Products; Operations; Branch Development and Support

Strategy & Governance (S&G) – Strategy & Planning; Governance, Risk & Assurance; Legal Services; Privacy; Enterprise Portfolio Management Office; Branch Development and Support

Shared Services (SSB) – Human Resources; Finance; Property Group; Communications; Ministerial & Secretariat Services; Technology Services and Solutions; Chief Security Office; Branch Development and Support 

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