Charities Commission functions moved to Internal Affairs

On 31 May, Parliament passed the Charities Amendment Act (No 2) 2012, which means that the Charities Commission core functions moved to the Department of Internal Affairs as at 1 July 2012.

From 1 July, the former Commission's registration, education, and monitoring and investigation teams carry out their work as part of the Department of Internal Affairs, in the ‘Charities’ business unit of the Department’s Service Delivery and Operations branch.

The Board of the former Charities Commission has been disestablished, and from 1 July, a new three-person Board will make decisions about the registration and deregistration of charities. Decisions about registering or deregistering charities will remain independent.

The Department and the Commission have worked together to ensure that the changeover has been as smooth and "seamless" as possible, so the Commission's work and high standards of service remain in place, and that charities and members of the public can still access the services, information and support they need.

For more information about the merger see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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