Boating on Taupō Moana - August 2011

The second edition of the annual newsletter from the Harbourmaster's Office is now available. This newsletter aims to keep you up to date with what's happening on and around the lake.

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Articles in this issue

  • Harbourmaster's Bulletin
    • Electrical Supply
    • Team Update
    • Fees Review
  • Honorary Enforcement Officers (HEOs)
  • Lake Taupō Navigation Safety Amendment Bylaw 2011
  • Blue Mist
  • Opportunity
  • Moorings
  • Reminder

Harbourmaster's Bulletin

Kia ora and welcome to the first edition of the annual newsletter from the Harbourmaster’s Office.

This newsletter aims to keep you up to date and informed with what's happening on and around the Lake.

It has been a big year and we are all looking forward to what next year has in store.

The new funding allocation in the last Budget will allow us to undertake maintenance, improvements and upgrades to many of our facilities. We are in the planning stages for that work now and expect to have more news soon.

Projects for the upcoming year include the upgrade of many of the boat ramps around Lake Taupō, including installing jetties alongside some existing ramps.

Tokaanu is due for a total upgrade of the marina facility, and the services we provide. We are currently at the planning and consultation stage of the Tokaanu project.

Electrical Supply

New regulations introduced in 2010 mean some of our power supply facilities have become non-compliant. Plans are underway to upgrade the electrical supply to vessels at the Nukuhau, Taupō and Tokaanu marinas. 

The intention is to provide 16 amp power through a caravan style plug with an IP rating of 65. To accept this from the dock you will need a tested and tagged power cable leading into your vessel which will require an Electrical Warrant of Fitness (EWOF).

Team Update

To enable us to undertake much of this planned work we have taken on an extra team member and welcome our new Navigational Safety Officer Alex Dickie on board.

Alex has a background in the maritime industry having travelled as crew on large superyachts, followed by 10 or so years on the family farm.

Heath Cairns has been with us nearly a year as Deputy Harbourmaster and has made a strong contribution.

Heath has a wealth of knowledge gained from 20 years in the Royal New Zealand Navy, as well as experience in enforcement and commercial diving. He is leading the recruitment and training drive in relation to our team of Honorary Enforcement Officers.

If this role appeals to you, read the article in this newsletter and contact Heath to express your interest

Fees Review

The fees review, which went to public submissions earlier in the year, was tabled as a result of feedback from the community.

A clear message was given that the public wanted more time set aside for the consultation process, as well as a desire for the Department to contribute some funds to upgrades of existing facilities to justify the increases.

The submissions were addressed by an allocation of $4.8 million over the next 4 years towards both operating and capital expenditure, with more time allowed to consider the best way forward.

The consultation process will continue later this year and we encourage you to have your say. It is evident changes are overdue, and it is important to get it right from the start with feedback from you, our stakeholders and the community as a whole.

Honorary Enforcement Officers (HEOs)

These are the men and women of our  community that have given up their valuable time and energy to make our Lake safer for all users.

Such volunteers are an integral part of our team, and their presence at boat ramps, swim only zones, ski lanes, jetties and beaches is essential for the safety of all Lake users.

Their primary role is to provide maritime education to help the general public understand the Navigational Safety Bylaws.

The use of infringement notices ($200 instant fine) are available as a last resort.

We sincerely acknowledge their excellent contribution over many years.

In September 2011 there will be a call for volunteers (past and new) to register their interest in becoming an HEO.

There are now some mandatory criteria to be met before a selection process can be undertaken.

The selected personnel will then be required to attend training and assessment over a 2 day period in Taupō during October 2011.

We anticipate showing a strong presence around our lakeshore throughout summer, starting at Labour Weekend.

The new selection and training process is to make sure people undertaking the role of HEO have all the necessary tools to perform their duty as efficiently and safely as possible.

If this high profile community role is of interest to you, please visit our website for more details (keyword: Harbourmaster).

Lake Taupö Navigation Safety Amendment Bylaw 2011 

New rules for navigational safety on Lake Taupö will come into force before the Christmas/New Year Holiday period this year.

The amendments will introduce registration for jetskis; a requirement for certain types of vessels to be clearly identified; a requirement (if the skipper deems necessary) to wear life jackets on board recreational craft under 6 metres; and new regulations requiring compulsory wearing of life jackets for those using a jetski.

These changes are consistent with similar Bylaw changes introduced by other Regional Councils such as the Waikato Regional Council.

In addition to the Bylaw changes there will also be two new swim areas at Kuratau and Te Ti Point. 

Twenty eight submissions were received on the proposals to make amendments to the Bylaw. Submitters showed strong support for the proposed amendments.

Once the Bylaw comes into force, the initial focus will be on education, except where transgressors are repeat offenders.

To begin with safety patrols and enforcement officers will be informing boat operators about the new amendments to the Bylaw, but once the education period is over, infringement notices will be issued to offenders.

The Harbourmaster’s Office will provide information to boat users and stakeholders via the Department’s website, local media and / or public notices before Labour weekend and the Christmas/New Year Holidays.

Blue Mist

You will notice shortly a ‘new look’ for our patrol vessel Blue Mist. We have abandoned the orange hull for the clean crisp look of white and blue. The addition of ‘enforcement lights’, larger navigational lights, updated loud hailer, a more powerful spotlight and new decals will assist with patrolling duties. 


It will be sad to farewell Ngahuia in October and we wish her all the best as she departs the district.

She will leave big shoes to fill and we will soon be advertising her position, and hope to find the perfect candidate.

If you would like to join the HM team as our Administration Officer, and think you have what it takes to make a difference, start preparing your résumé now and keep an ear to the pier for our ad.


It’s that time of the year again when annual mooring and berthing fees are required.

Fees have not been increased, but October’s GST increase has meant a slight increase. The delay of the fees increase is largely due to public submissions received during the fees review process, and consultation will continue later this year.

Over the Lake there are currently 175 moorings, 25 of which have changed ownership over the past year. There are long waiting lists for all mooring sites except for Te Moenga Bay, which has no waiting list.

If you have a mooring at Te Moenga Bay which you want to relinquish you can do this by any legal means including local media, word of mouth, notice boards, online classifieds.

The buyer must be aware of the limitations of the mooring being negotiated such as the size and draught of vessel it may carry etc.

All mooring sales at Te Moenga Bay must still be logged with the Harbourmaster’s Office to ensure the new ownership is accurately recorded.

This should be done before the new vessel is moored and / or within 7 days of the purchase (whichever comes earlier). 

All other mooring sites must follow the standard selling procedure (e.g. top of the waiting list gets first choice).

If the person at the top of the waiting list does not wish to purchase the mooring that is up for sale, that person will be removed from the list.

The selling procedure currently engaged at Te Moenga Bay will be adopted by the other mooring bays, once their waiting list has been exhausted. Over time there will be no waiting lists for any mooring bays as no new applications are being accepted.

We believe the system currently employed at Te Moenga Bay will expedite sales and relieve a lot of the frustration caused to both vendors and purchasers.

Although no new applications will be accepted for moorings, this office will hold an electronic database of those wishing to purchase a mooring.

In closing, a reminder to all mooring owners: it is your responsibility to ensure your mooring has a current certification and there is an identification tag attached to the float.

If you are unsure if your certification is due or if you require maintenance to be done on your mooring, please contact your regular inspector.

  • Greenfield Diving Services (Ken) 07 348 8504
  • Marine Consultants Ltd (Kel) 04 873 5163


Berthing and Mooring Permits do not include ramp access - ramp permits are required.

An instant fine of $200 will be issued to ramp users that can not produce a valid ramp permit.

Please don’t let this be you!


*You need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view these forms. If you are unable to open the forms we recommend you get the latest version of Adobe Reader. You can download and install Acrobat Reader for free from the Adobe website.