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Casino cheats found guilty of deception

31 May 2013

Two people have been found guilty of deception in the Hamilton District Court today in relation to cheating Hamilton’s SkyCity Casino of more than $7000.

Xiao Dong LU, 28, and Zhou ZHAO, 32, were charged with offences connected to the pair working in collusion with a rapid roulette table game dealer.

The dealer, Bo Du, 33, was sentenced in January to nine months home detention and reparation of $20,000, after she allowed her two accomplices to place bets after the roulette ball had dropped into the winning number slot. Du circumvented the electronic cut-off for final bets by deliberately releasing the ball early, removing the element of chance and causing the casino to incur substantial losses.

Lu approached Du, a dealer at the casino for six years, in 2011 and agreed that when she or her partner, Zhao, appeared in the casino Du would influence the game.

The Department of Internal Affairs was called in after the casino discovered irregularities with the rapid roulette game.
Internal Affairs’ Casino Compliance Manager, Rob Abbott, said the Department remains vigilant to the potential that gambling offers for illicit activities.

"These convictions show that if you try and cheat in a casino in New Zealand you will be caught. The casinos and the Department have the systems in place and the resources to detect and deal with cheating by casino patrons and staff. Members of the public are entitled to expect that all casino gambling is operated responsibly and with the highest integrity"

Lu and Zhao, who had denied the charges, will appear on 29 July 2013 for sentencing.

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