Inquiry into Operation Burnham

Key locations and events during Operation Burnham 22 August 2010

Two US Apache AH-64 helicopters arrive in Tirgiran Valley. An AC-130 Spectre gunship arrives shortly afterward.

First Chinook helicopter carrying part of the ground force lands about 140 metres north of Khak Khuday Dad village. Assault force begins moving southeast toward A1 and A2 (buildings associated with Abdullah Kalta).

One of the Apaches observes a group of people removing weapons from a building in Khak Khuday Dad (the cache house).

Assault force approaching A1. Command group has disembarked from a Blackhawk helicopter on the ridge to the west side of the valley, begins moving toward overwatch position.

Second Chinook lands and the remainder of the ground force disembarks. Apaches seek clearance to engage men who have moved to high ground behind Khak Khuday Dad. Ground Force Commander grants clearance on the basis that weapons are confirmed and the men are clear of friendly forces and collateral damage issues.

Assault force breaches wall of A1 by explosive charge. Wall collapses on entry, injuring an assault group leader. Assault force makes a second breach and enters, finding weapons and ammunition but no people present.

Apaches and AC-130 engage around six men identified as insurgents on the ridge above Khak Khuday Dad. At least one is killed.

Apaches engage a man retreating from the ridge toward a building next to the cache house. A group of people including women and children are huddled beside the building. Women and children also entered the building earlier. Fire from the Apaches impacts the roofs of the building and the cache house.

A marksman with the command group shoots and kills a man approaching the overwatch position. He is within 50 metres of the command group and is understood to have come from the area where men were seen with weapons.

Apaches engage three men walking south around 700 metres south of A3. One, who is carrying a long arm weapon, is killed.

Aerial response force lands at A1 and remains there while the assault force moves south to A3 (a building associated with Maulawi Neimatullah).

Assault force arrives at A3. No people are inside but an AK-47 is found. Drone begins tracking a group of people gathering south of A3.

Troop Commander at A3 notices a fire burning inside. He informs the Ground Force Commander and is told he does not need to do anything.

Injured soldier evacuated by helicopter from near A1.

Assault force moving back to A1.

Weapons and munitions found are stacked outside A1 and destroyed in a controlled detonation. A section of the walls and roof of A1 collapse.

Apaches and AC-130 cleared to engage a group of eight people climbing a hill over a kilometre south of A3. Four people are killed.

Troops depart A1 and move back to the landing zone for extraction.

All ground troops have been extracted by helicopter.

Drone footage shows a fire has started in A1.