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The Integrated Gambling Platform is the key system through which the Department manages licensing for the gambling sector. IGP has been rolled out in stages since mid-2013 with functionality provided for:

  • processing licence applications for Class 3 and 4 gambling
  • managing compliance activity; and
  • approvals of Class 4 gaming machines and games.
The requirements for IGP functionality have evolved since the system was first considered and we have been working with our provider, Intralot NZ, to reassess the introduction of additional IGP features whilst we consider the functionality needed to regulate for a safe and trusted gambling sector that benefits our communities. As a result, limited additional functions will be introduced into IGP over the next year, including an improved interface between the sector and the Department through the delivery of electronic licence application forms and online payment of licence application fees.

Intralot NZ will continue to operate IGP until May 2020 and will operate the Electronic Monitoring System until May 2022 to assist with the smooth transition between systems should new suppliers be selected in the future to provide these systems to the Department.

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