Stacey Hayward, Senior Policy Analyst, Policy Regulatory and Ethnic Affairs

  • Stacey Hayward

    Stacey Hayward

Stacey came from Parliament, having previously worked in Ministerial offices for two separate governments. It's where he got the bug for politics and seeing first-hand how important the public service and policy is in shaping New Zealand. He landed a policy analyst role and seven years on Stacey works for the Local Government Directorate and a key part of his role is working with the Chatham Islands community.

DIA provides the Chatham Islands with support, and Stacey says it’s unusual for policy to be working in this space which is why DIA is so unique. He says you get these interesting projects, like building a new port facility on the Chatham Islands, that you wouldn’t see in a pure policy context.

Stacey can see how he actually helps people. He can see the benefits. “Although I predominately work in an operational policy space, I also work in a pure policy space, helping to shape how the Local Government Sector engages with its communities. I love it because I can see that I am making a difference with communities and New Zealand as a whole, which is what DIA is all about”. 

“DIA is a big department and there are plenty of opportunities to do different things if you want to.”


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