Lesa Kalapu, General Manager Human Resources

  • Lesa Kalapu

    Lesa Kalapu


Not long after Lesa joined Internal Affairs as Senior Policy Analyst she was given an opportunity to move into a manager role.  At first she wasn’t sure, but a chat with her manager at the time gave her the encouragement she needed to step up into the role.  Since then she’s had more conversations, and more roles.  Eight years after she started with Internal Affairs, Lesa became head of the Charities Services group, a role she held for three years before becoming General Manager of Human Resources.

Lesa says she takes this kind of investment in DIA’s people very seriously.   In her role as GM she is dedicated to the development of her managers and staff – helping them grow their skills and progress in their roles and careers.  She says meaningful progression plans is a must for her staff. 

“I love working with and for communities,” she says. She sees her contribution to New Zealand communities through her work as part of a personal as well as professional passion.  “I’m extremely lucky, because I see a direct line from my role in Charities Services to real benefits for communities.”

Every couple of years Lesa has held different roles and had numerous people willing to invest in her as leader and a manager. “And every role has had its rewards and challenges. 

But because of the diversity in DIA, the opportunities that are available here, you don’t need to look outside for progression.” 

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