What our people say about us

We have some awesome people working here at Internal Affairs.  They’re smart, committed and do some fairly spectacular work for New Zealand. Below you can meet a few of our people and what they love about working here.

  • Lesa Kalapu

    Lesa Kalapu

We're diverse

“I’ve held many roles, and because of the diversity in DIA and the opportunities that are available here, you don’t need to look outside for progression.”

LESA KALAPU –  General Manager Human Resources
Organisational Capability and Services Branch

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  • Stacey Hayward

    Stacey Hayward

We make a difference

“I work in an operational policy space and I love it because I see I’m making a difference and to me that’s what DIA is all about.”

STACEY HAYWARD – Principal Advisor
Regulation and Policy Branch

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  • Rosie Perez

    Rosie Perez

We have awesome people

“I value the people.  If it wasn’t for the my colleagues I don’t know if I would have come as far as I have, they have been so supportive of me.”

ROSIE PEREZ –  Project Coordinator
Technology Services and Solutions



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  • Andrew Jones

    Andrew Jones

Opportunities to grow

“DIA engagement with its staff is one of the reasons I’ve stayed put.  The people are great and opportunities are also really attractive.”

ANDREW JONES –  Acting Business Advisor, Passports
Service Delivery and Operations


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