Report harmful content

The Department of Internal Affairs’ investigates objectionable and restricted material in New Zealand. This includes material related to:
I. The creation, possession and distribution of child sexual exploitation material; and
II. The creation and distribution of online content that promotes terrorism or violent extremism.

Report objectionable material

You can report content that you have seen which may be objectionable* under the terms of the Film, Videos and Publication Classification Act 1993. 

'Objectionable' means:

"a publication...(that) describes, depicts or expresses, or otherwise deals with matters such as sex, horror, crime, cruelty or violence in such a manner that the availability of the publication is likely to be injurious to the public good." See: What is 'objectionable' material?

To report content please fill in our online Content Complaint Form below:

Report Objectionable Content *

* If you have come across or been sent either the livestream video or manifesto related to the recent mass shooting in Buffalo please report it here – it is illegal to share content which has been classified as “objectionable” (16 May 2022).

Note: The content complaint form is specifically for offensive material and classification concerns. If you would like to lodge a complaint about spam (unsolicited electronic messages), please fill in the Spam Complaint Form.

If you are concerned that something you have seen should be classified, then you should contact the Office of Film and Literature Classification.

Report other forms of online child sexual exploitation

The Department works closely with our partner agencies to tackle online child sexual exploitation both internationally and in NZ. There are a range of organisations that work to protect children and young people in this space. For more information on the different organisations, their roles and how to report to them, download the ‘How to report online child sexual exploitation’ information sheet (click on either the image or the text link below):

 How to report online child sexual exploitation (PDF, 357KB)

How to report online child sexual exploitation (click on image to open PDF, 358KB)