Proposed Changes to DIA Information Matching Agreements

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Feedback and submissions closed 5pm on Friday 4 May 2018.

Regulatory Impact Assessment


The Department of Internal Affairs is the guardian of core identity and life event information held on behalf of New Zealanders. It is responsible for providing life event and identity services such as registration of New Zealand births, deaths, marriages, civil unions, name changes, citizenship, and issuance of New Zealand travel documents.

The Department is transforming the way New Zealanders access identity and life event services, making it easier for everyone, including the vulnerable, to access their entitlements. Effective information sharing is a critical component in turning this vision into reality.

Overview – What we're proposing

DIA proposes to replace its existing Information Matching Agreements with an Approved Information Sharing Agreement (AISA) which will allow the Department to share information internally in a more flexible way.

At present, DIA can only use the personal information that it holds about an individual customer to view a single identity or life event that has been recorded for that individual.  The AISA provides an opportunity to extend the intended uses of personal information, and clarify these uses where they go beyond the primary reasons/purposes for why the information was originally collected.

In future, DIA proposes to use a temporary joined up view to link all of the customer’s identity and life event information for the purpose of streamlining identity services. It will allow New Zealanders visibility and a clear understanding of how their personal information will be used to facilitate and streamline services.

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Detailed information about the proposed AISA, the public consultation process and our Privacy Impact Assessment can be found below:

We’d like feedback on

We invite the public to provide their views on the proposed Agreement being established under Part 9A of the Privacy Act 1993 (the Privacy Act).

The proposed Agreement will provide the legal basis to enable effective information sharing within DIA to facilitate and streamline customer centred delivery of our identity services.

We invite feedback on the following specific areas:

1.      New uses for information sharing

2.      When information will be shared

3.      Range of personal information to be shared under the proposed Agreement

4.      Proposed privacy protections

More information can be found here: Public Discussion Document (PDF, 823KB)

Submissions now closed

Feedback and submissions closed 5pm on Friday 4 May 2018.

For further information contact: (opens email) OR

Policy & Privacy Team, Te Ara Manaaki
Department of Internal Affairs
Level 8, 120 Victoria Street
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What we will do with your submissions

Following the submission process we will prepare a report for the Minister of Internal Affairs to make recommendations about the proposed Information Sharing Agreement for Identity Services. Your submissions will be used to create this report.

The proposed Agreement concerns information sharing across data sets within DIA.  As the lead agency developing the proposed Agreement, DIA may include your submission, in whole or in part, when publishing feedback on the discussion process. Your personal details will not be disclosed.

If you do not want your submission published please let us know within your submission.

Release of submissions under the Official Information Act 1982

Your submission may be subject to release under the Official Information Act 1982.

If you want your submission to be withheld under the Official Information Act, please tell us in your submission why you think it should not be released if requested.