LIAC Three-Year Rolling Plan 2012 to 2015

A. On-going monitoring of the library and information sector

To be provided through the National Librarian’s and other Commissioners’ reports to each LIAC meeting. Commissioners will decide what they regard as the key developments in their own areas of expertise but, in addition, LIAC as a whole will consider at least the following in the course of the year: - Result 10, Digital Citizenship; Copyright; Services for Schools; APNK; International developments which are relevant to New Zealand; Collaboration and coordination within the library and information sector; LIAC web-site; Mātauranga Māori, Wai 262, Digitisation, Workforce requirements and research.

Significant issues arising from these monitoring activities will be included in the Chair’s reports to the Minister on LIAC meetings.

B. Relationship with other stakeholders

Commissioners to report as appropriate on their discussions with the stakeholder groups allocated to them.

C. Special Reports to the Minister

1. Community Digital Hubs: Follow up to the 2013 report to the Minister of Internal Affairs

2. Supporting New Zealand’s Documentary Heritage

3. New Generation Implementation Programme: LIAC sign-off of its monitoring responsibility for the project

4. Valuing our Libraries – Investing for the future: a national approach to knowledge and information management in the library sector

5. DIA/IKS Strategic Information Framework: a LIAC Commentary

6. Evaluation of the National Library of New Zealand amalgamation with the Department of Internal Affairs and collaboration with Archives New Zealand

7. Principles governing open access, security and privacy of information

8. Annual report 2013/2014


24 November 2014