Accessibility templates

Accessibility is mandatory for all government organisations to ensure all communication is accessible to all people regardless of their level of visual, hearing, learning or reading impairment.
This is underpinned by the Human Rights Act, Bill of Rights Act and UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It applies to all channels, including online and print. The Good employer requirements in the Public Service Act 2020 require that agency employers recognise and make provisions for the needs of disabled employees.
This means that any print or PDF documents that are published internally or externally need to be accessible so all New Zealanders are able to participate with their government and democracy and contribute to their community and society with independence and dignity. 


InDesign template

Download the Accessible InDesign Template

To make it easy for you to design accessible documents in InDesign, you can download Accessible InDesign template, which has preset settings so you don’t have to go through the comolicated setup process:
  • Text styles with the necessary accessible metadata behind them to be readable by screenreaders
  • Plus step by step instructions on how to set up your InDesign document and export PDFs to be accessible so they can be read aloud for people with visual impairments who rely on assistive technologies such as screenreaders 

A few extra tips to ensure the readability of your document:

  • Font sizes should be no smaller than 11pt
  • Strong contrast between text and backgrounds (black text on white is always best)

The template is a just a starting point though for your unique document, so you can change the font styles, document size and anything else. The good thing is that the accessible metadata behind each font will remain even if you change the font style.