AML/CFT Webinars 

The Department will be presenting a series of webinars for reporting entities. These webinars are designed for compliance officers to help build understanding of businesses' AML/CFT requirements. 

AML/CFT Programme Webinar

Once you have assessed the ML/TF risks your business may face, the next step is to write a AML/CFT programme to manage and mitigate the risks. There are minimum requirements that you must have procedures, policies and controls for. The Department has created this online seminar to help businesses understand how to write an AML/CFT programme and the minimum requirements that must be covered.

The webinar covers:

  • What is an AML/CFT programme, 
  • Tips for writing your AML/CFT programme; and
  • What your AML/CFT programme must cover.

Speaker: Kariba McGinn, Senior Advisor Engagement and Innovation.

Risk Assessment Webinar

Knowing and documenting your risk is fundamental to meeting your obligations under the AML/CFT Act. The Department has created an online seminar to help businesses with their Risk Assessments.

The webinar covers:

  • What a risk assessment is and why you need one;
  • Tips for writing your risk assessment;
  • What your risk assessment must cover; and
  • Methodology for writing a risk assessment.

Speaker: Kariba McGinn, Senior Advisor Engagement and Innovation.

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Annual AML/CFT Report for DNFBPs Webinar

The seminar below is for designated non-financial businesses or professions (DNFBPs).

This will be useful to Compliance Officers preparing the submission for the 2019 Annual AML/CFT Report.

In this webinar we cover:

  • What the Annual AML/CFT Report is,
  • Why you must submit it;
  • How you can submit it using AML Online;
  • What the six parts of the Annual AML/CFT Report are; and
  • What questions you will be asked.

If you have any questions following this session please enquire through AML Online. 

Speaker: Kariba McGinn, Senior Advisor Engagement and Innovation.

We have created an Annual AML/CFT Report quick reference guide to help businesses understand their annual reporting obligation at a glance:

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