AML/CFT Webinars 

The Department will be presenting a series of webinars for reporting entities. These webinars are designed for compliance officers to help build understanding of businesses' AML/CFT requirements. 

Annual AML/CFT Report for DNFBPs Webinar

The seminar below is for designated non-financial businesses or professions (DNFBPs).

This will be useful to Compliance Officers preparing the submission for the 2019 Annual AML/CFT Report.

In this webinar we cover:

  • What the Annual AML/CFT Report is,
  • Why you must submit it;
  • How you can submit it using AML Online;
  • What the six parts of the Annual AML/CFT Report are; and
  • What questions you will be asked.

If you have any questions following this session please enquire through AML Online. 

Speaker: Kariba McGinn, Senior Advisor Engagement and Innovation.

We have created an Annual AML/CFT Report quick reference guide to help businesses understand their annual reporting obligation at a glance:

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