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Internal Affairs tip off leads to huge Canadian child porn seizure


Action by the Censorship Compliance Unit of the Department of Internal Affairs has led to the arrest of a Canadian man and the seizure of approximately 200,000 child pornography images.

Toronto police say some of the images involve very young infants.

Censorship Compliance Unit Manager Steve O’Brien says the unit regularly monitors chat room discussions and may take part in discussion undercover in order to identify makers, users and traders of child pornography

He says while their focus is on New Zealanders, the Unit shares useful information with overseas agencies fighting child pornography.

“In this case a Toronto man using a chat room earlier this month indicated that his intention was to come to New Zealand seeking a sexual experience with children.

“Quick action by Toronto police following our tip has terminated any such travel plans. It’s a great success for international cooperation for the protection of children.

“Child pornographers should realize that they are not safe from identification on-line and prosecution.

“We - and agencies in other countries - are proactively seeking people who exploit and abuse children in this way. While the trading of child porn has become easier as a result of the Internet – so has international cooperation by policing agencies,” said Mr O’Brien.

Further information: Contact Colin Feslier 025 383 081 or 495 9460 (wk) or 3838057 (hm)