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What's newLocal Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009 Passed

Information relating to the Act (October 2009):

More Cabinet papers related to this legislation can be viewed at: Government Decisions in Response to the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance
  • Cabinet paper 'Local Government (Auckland Council) Bill: Roles and Functions of Local Boards and Relationship with Auckland Council' (1.2mb)* - This is the advice to Cabinet from the Minister of Local Government.
  • Cabinet minute 'Local Government (Auckland Council) Bill: Roles and Functions of Local Boards and Relationship with Auckland Council' (224k)* - This is the decision made by Cabinet in response to the Minister's paper.
    • Disclosure of chief executive expenses, gifts and hospitality

      Disclosure of chief executive expenses, gifts and hospitality [24/07/2018 4:24:50 p.m.]

    • Gaming Statistics

      Gaming expenditure statistics, machine numbers, society numbers, percentage of machines by society. [12/07/2018 10:48:11 a.m.]

    • Annual AML/CFT Report

      Information for reporting entities about completing their annual reports. [25/06/2018 1:33:15 p.m.]

    • Annual Report 2016-17

      Department of Internal Affairs Annual Report 2016-17. [19/10/2017 12:53:28 p.m.]

    • Information for Transgender Applicants

      For ease of use for transgender applicants, all of the Department of Internal Affairs information for transgender people is located on this page. [11/08/2017 11:49:55 a.m.]

    • Ministers' expenses

      Information about travel and accommodation expenses for members of the Executive, administered by Ministerial Services in the Department of Internal Affairs. This information on the expenses of members of the Executive is provided on a quarterly basis. [27/07/2017 10:04:17 a.m.]

    • Ministerial credit card expenses

      Latest quarterly Ministerial credit card expenditure releases. [27/07/2017 9:58:06 a.m.]

    • Archive Exhibition Project

      He Tohu is a new permanent exhibition to display our iconic constitutional documents: The 1835 Declaration of Independence/He Whakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga, the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi/Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the 1893 Women’s Suffrage Petition. [26/05/2017 3:17:51 p.m.]

    • bdmreview

      Review of the access provisions under the BDM Act covering what information can be made available about registered births, deaths, marriages, civil unions, and name changes, who can access BDM information and where, how and when the information can be made available. [1/05/2018 2:39:36 p.m.]

    • charitiesreview

      The Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector announced a review of the Charities Act 2005 on 24 May 2018. The Minister will be the key decision-maker on the review, with some decisions also requiring Cabinet approval. The Department of Internal Affairs will be the lead agency. [24/08/2018 9:26:34 a.m.]

    • Citizenship of Mr Peter Thiel

      [25/01/2018 12:39:53 p.m.]

    • Customer Experience Survey

      The The Department of Internal Affairs carries out an annual Customer Experience Survey to understand whether New Zealanders are satisfied with their customer services. [29/03/2018 11:01:31 a.m.]

    • Department of Internal Affairs Office move

      Lambton Quay office move [6/04/2018 12:18:35 p.m.]

    • Most Popular Male and Female First Names

      Top 100 male and female names for each year since 2004, based on births registered in New Zealand. [13/02/2017 11:14:31 a.m.]

    • Final Report of the Confidential Listening and Assistance Service

      [10/11/2016 10:32:44 a.m.]

    • Fire Services Transition

      New Zealand’s urban and rural fire services will be brought together into one unified fire services organisation from mid-2017. [23/08/2018 1:23:47 p.m.]

    • Government Inquiry into Havelock North Drinking-Water

      The Government Inquiry into the Havelock North water supply contamination incident follows the widespread outbreak of gastroenteritis in Havelock North in August 2016, with more than 5000 people falling ill, following the confirmation of the presence of E. coli in the water supply. [6/12/2017 2:27:06 p.m.]

    • KiaTutahi

      The Kia Tūtahi Relationship Accord is an important symbol of commitment between government and communities to engage effectively to achieve social, economic and environmental outcomes. It sets expectations about how government agencies and communities will work together. [2/12/2016 4:01:08 p.m.]

    • Racing report

      Minister for Racing, Rt Hon Winston Peters speaks to members of the New Zealand racing industry at a public meeting, at 6pm on Thursday 30 August at Claudelands Conference Centre in Hamilton, where John Messara’s report on the New Zealand racing industry is publicly released. [30/08/2018 7:41:43 p.m.]

    • Three waters review

      The Government is reviewing how to improve the management of drinking water, storm water and waste water (three waters) to better support New Zealand’s prosperity, health, safety and environment. Three waters services are a core responsibility of local councils. [14/08/2018 2:32:15 p.m.]

    • Marriage Amendment Act - Questions and Answers

      Answers to questions about the Marriage Amendment Act 2013. [20/09/2013 2:41:17 p.m.]

    • Annual Report 2015-16

      Department of Internal Affairs Annual Report 2015-16. [25/10/2016 10:16:41 a.m.]

    • Environment Canterbury

      Government is proposing a mixed-model governance structure for Environment Canterbury (ECan) after the local government elections in October 2016. A discussion document is now open for public consultation. [18/10/2016 3:15:12 p.m.]

    • Performance Improvement Framework Assessment

      Department of Internal Affairs undertook this Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) formal assessment as part of the PIF pilot, led by the State Services Commission (SSC). [18/10/2016 3:16:26 p.m.]

    • Community-led Development

      An overview of community-led development policy. [30/10/2017 2:26:22 p.m.]