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Citizenship by grant

Becoming a New Zealand citizen by grant shows your commitment to New Zealand and gives you the same rights as citizens who were born here.


What citizenship is

Being a New Zealand citizen means you can:
  • live in New Zealand forever
  • get a New Zealand passport
  • stand for parliament
  • have full access to education
  • have full economic rights
  • represent New Zealand in many international sports.
As a citizen you have to:
  • obey the laws
  • register to vote
  • pay tax
  • be a responsible New Zealander.

Dual citizenship

New Zealand allows dual citizenship — but some other countries don’t. For more information see our dual citizenship page.

Will the grant of citizenship affect my New Zealand visa?

New Zealand citizens don’t need to have a visa to be in New Zealand, so if you get citizenship your visa will be cancelled. If you have dual (or more) citizenship and you want to travel overseas on a passport from another country you have to get a New Zealand citizen endorsement in your foreign passport. This will either be a label that is pasted in your passport or an electronic record. To find out more information go to the Immigration New Zealand website and search for 'citizen endorsement'.

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