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You might be a New Zealand citizen if you were born here or in the Cook Islands, Niue or Tokelau, granted citizenship, born overseas to a New Zealand citizen parent, adopted by a citizen, or you’re British and were here in 1948.

You’re probably already a New Zealand citizen if you were:

  • born before 2006 in:
    • New Zealand
    • the Cook Islands
    • Niue, or
    • Tokelau.
  • born after 2005 in:
    • New Zealand
    • the Cook Islands
    • Niue, or
    • Tokelau
    and at least one of your parents was either:
    • a New Zealand citizen, or
    • entitled to be in New Zealand indefinitely resident (e.g. had a resident visa or permanent resident visa, or was an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident) when you were born
  • granted New Zealand citizenship
  • born overseas but at least one of your parents is a New Zealand citizen by birth or grant
  • a British citizen who lived in New Zealand during all of 1948.

How to find out if you’re a citizen

You can call the Department of Internal Affairs to find out about your NZ citizenship. The service is free.

We can only give you information over the phone if you’re not a NZ citizen by birth.

Before we’ll give you the information, you’ll need to correctly answer some security questions.

Freephone: 0800 22 51 51.

Over the phone we can tell you:
  • whether you’re a NZ citizen
  • how you got NZ citizenship
  • the date you got NZ citizenship
  • your NZ citizenship number.
To find out other information about your NZ citizenship or to find out about your child’s citizenship, you need to fill out a request for information about citizenship status. You’ll hear back within 20 working days.

Request for information about citizenship status (PDF, 62kb, 1 page)

If you want to find out about the NZ citizenship status of someone other than yourself or your child, you can:
  • email, or
  • write to PO Box 10680, Wellington 6143, New Zealand.
Information can only be released in certain circumstances, eg if you need to know the citizenship status of a parent or grandparent to claim NZ citizenship.

If you want a replacement NZ birth certificate

Get a NZ birth certificate.

How to find out your residency status

If you require information about your residency status please contact
Immigration NZ.

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