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Each year we survey the Department’s reporting entities. The survey assesses reporting entities’ awareness of their AML/CFT obligations. It also asks reporting entities to provide us with feedback on our engagement with them. For example, whether the information we provide on our website and in our newsletter is helpful and accessible, and their experience with other types of interactions like phone calls, email enquiries, and face to face contact with us.

The key findings from last year’s survey, conducted in May 2016, are now available. Like last year, we received a response rate of 35 per cent. Thank you to those who made time to respond, we really value your feedback.

We were pleased to see that overall confidence ratings for conducting a risk assessment, developing and reviewing an AML/CFT Programme, and providing an Annual Report have increased. Most respondents rate themselves as having a reasonable or extremely good understanding of these requirements. Confidence ratings for STRs have remained the same as last year, there is less experience and certainty in this area.

Overall ratings for the ease of finding information and usefulness of information on our website remain positive. The Department has received some positive and helpful feedback about our communication and services which will be carefully considered.

Thanks again to those of you who completed the survey, we appreciate your help in improving the way we work.

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