Sarah Moore, Acting Team Leader, Auckland Counter

  • Sarah Moore

    Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore had no idea what she wanted to do straight out of university but she did know she wanted to work with people.  While her friends left Wellington to move away for work, Sarah decided to stay. Not only did the decision pay off, but she’s now in Auckland with her job.

She started in Internal Affair’s Logistical Support Centre where the mail is processed and triaged into the different workflows for different areas of the department.  Someone spotted Sarah’s talent and enthusiasm and made her the office DELTA champion for the redevelopment of our passports system.

“From there I applied for a position as customer services officer for DIA in Auckland working on the frontlines, interacting with the public,” she says.  .  In less than two and a half years with Sarah, at 24, is now acting team leader.  She is currently looking after a team of 9 that serve Auckland Central customers.

For Sarah, it’s the opportunities at DIA offer that has led to job satisfaction. “DIA offers a lot if you want to develop your career in one place,” she adds.


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