Our regulatory role

The Department of Internal Affairs' Electronic Messaging Team was established in September 2007 to enforce the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 by investigating complaints about spam.

As well as taking enforcement action against those who breach the Act, the unit facilitates international and local industry/agency liaison, monitors emerging technologies, and advises public and private agencies on spam matters.

Electronic Messaging Compliance employs a five-pronged strategy for tackling spam by:

  • directly enforcing the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007
  • promoting education and awareness
  • facilitating industry liaison
  • monitoring emerging technologies
  • working with international agencies.

We publish information for businesses to comply with the Act and the latest reported scams.

You can also read the results of our investigations, case studies and view statistics about spam and scams.

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More information about spam

Approach to Compliance and Enforcement

The Department's approach to compliance and enforcement in this area is set out in this document:

Minimising Harm - Maximising Benefit

See also: The Department's Prosecution Policy