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Applying for Citizenship by Grant

There are three ways you can lodge an application for citizenship: To apply for a grant of New Zealand citizenship you will need to:

Lodging an application in person

The Citizenship Office offers a service to make the application process easier and faster for you. Appointments with a case officer are now available at our offices in: Your case officer will:
  • check you are eligible to apply for a grant of citizenship;
  • check your application form and documents are correct;
  • witness your form and photos;
  • we will return your documents to you immediately (n most cases); and
  • explain the citizenship process to you.
You will need to bring the following things with you to the appointment:
  • your completed citizenship application form;
  • identity documents;
  • two passport-size photos; and
  • the application fee.
You may also need to bring a Ministry of Justice clearance.

Contact us to make an appointment at your nearest office.

Sending an application by mail or dropping the application at our office

Please provide the following:
  • your completed citizenship application form;
  • identity documents; and
  • the application fee.
Our office will acknowledge your application in writing once it has been received.

Once your application has been allocated to a case officer we will contact you, if necessary.

When the outcome of your application is known, we will write to tell you whether or not your application has been successful.

Please contact us if you require more information.

Citizenship Online Calculation Tool

Using the Citizenship Online Calculation Tool, answer simple questions to help you decide whether you satisfy the requirements for New Zealand citizenship by grant. Please note this is not an application form.

Fees, Forms and Application Guide for a Grant of New Zealand Citizenship

Please see Citizenship Application Fees and Forms to download or view an application form, application guide or access information on fees.
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Documents We Require

Originals documents (not photocopies) are required to be sent at the time of applying.

The Citizenship Office has translated guide sheets to help you send us the right documents when applying for the grant of New Zealand citizenship. They also contain useful information on how to obtain documents from overseas if you do not have the original documents.

Some guide sheets are in English and cover India, English-speaking countries (including South Africa and Zimbabwe) and African countries. Guide sheets have also been translated into the following languages:
  • African countries
  • Arabic
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • English speaking countries (including South African and Zimbabwe)
  • Khmer
  • Korean
  • India
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese
To download or view the translated guide sheets, see Citizenship Application Fees and Forms.

All applicants must provide the following documents:
  • Full birth certificate i.e. a birth document that also includes your parents' details, household register, family book etc. (If you are 16 or over and cannot provide a full birth certificate, please provide a short version).
  • National identity card(s) (if applicable).
  • All citizenship certificates if your passport is issued by a country other than your birth country.
  • All your passports and travel documents, including travel documents issued in New Zealand and expired documents.
  • Marriage and civil union certificate(s) (if applicable).
  • Divorce document(s) (if applicable).
  • Proof of name change (if applicable, i.e. statutory declaration, adoption papers etc).
  • If you spend a lot of time travelling, a letter explaining why.
  • If English is not your first language, evidence that you studied English or studied using English, and/or evidence that you use English in your everyday life.
  • Authorised translation(s) (if applicable).
  • Authorised translation(s) fee (if applicable).
Additional documents may be required if the applicant is: If the applicant is under 16 years old you will also need to provide:
  • Parents' passports.
  • Adoption papers (if applicable).
  • Explanation for why only one person has completed the consent section (if applicable).
  • Proof of guardian's authority (if applicable).
Please contact us if only one parent/guardian is able to provide consent.

If the applicant is a Samoan citizen they will also need to provide:
  • proof of current Samoan citizenship (e.g. current Samoan passport); and
  • proof that you legally entered New Zealand after 14 September 1982 and have been granted permanent residence status; or
  • proof that you were in New Zealand on the day of 14 September 1982.

If the applicant is born overseas before 1978 and their mother was a New Zealand citizen they will also need to provide:
  • Evidence their mother was a New Zealand citizen when they were born (e.g. birth certificate or citizenship certificate).

For further information see the Citizenship by Grant: Frequently Asked Questions.
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