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If you’re becoming a citizen of a country that doesn’t allow dual citizenship, or you decide you don’t want to be a New Zealand citizen anymore, you might be able to give up your New Zealand citizenship.

Who can give up their citizenship

You can renounce your New Zealand citizenship if:
  • you’re 18 or over
  • you have citizenship of another country, and
  • you have full mental capacity (you know what you’re doing).

Your application may be declined if:

  • you're living in New Zealand, or
  • New Zealand is at war when you apply.
If you give up New Zealand citizenship you won’t be able to hold a New Zealand passport, you might not be able to live in or visit New Zealand, and you won’t be able to pass New Zealand citizenship on to your children.

Complete the forms

You can get an application pack by:
  • calling 0800 22 51 51 (inside NZ) or +64 463 9361 (from overseas)
  • emailing
  • writing to:
Births, Deaths, Marriages and Citizenship
Service Delivery and Operations
Department of Internal Affairs
PO Box 10 680

Information Leaflet - General Information on renunciation


You need to send us original documents — don’t send copies.
1. Identity documents
You’ll need to include:
  • your New Zealand passports, both current and expired
  • your New Zealand citizenship certificate, if you have one
  • a statement from Immigration New Zealand that says what your immigration status will be if you’re living in New Zealand after you’ve lost New Zealand citizenship
2. Proof you’re a citizen of another country
You’ll need to give us proof that you’re a citizen of another country. This could be:
  • an official citizenship certificate
  • a confirmation of citizenship document.

You can’t use

  • a statement from another country that you’ll be granted citizenship there after you’ve renounced New Zealand citizenship
  • a passport or a birth certificate.
3. If you’re living in New Zealand
You also need to provide a statutory declaration explaining why you want to give up your citizenship.
If your documents aren't in English
You need to get any documents that aren't in English translated by an approved translator (link here to Translations page)

Pay the fee

It costs $398.60 to renounce your citizenship.

You can pay by:
  • cheque or bank draft made out to Department of Internal Affairs
  • credit card
  • money order.
You won’t get a refund if your application is declined.

After you’ve applied

If your application is accepted, your name will be removed from the official citizenship register. We won’t give you back your New Zealand citizenship certificate or New Zealand passports.

If you want to get New Zealand citizenship again in the future, you’ll have to meet all the requirements to become a citizen by grant.

Renouncing your NZ citizenship for citizenship of another country

If you want to renounce your New Zealand citizenship for citizenship of another country, you might be able to find some more information here for your situation: