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Choice, The New Zealand citizenship story - Whiriwhiria, Te Kôrero Raraunga o Aotearoa

Choice is a commemorative book which acknowledges the commitment that new citizens make to New Zealand. The book features the stories of people who have chosen to become New Zealand citizens and includes information on New Zealand citizenship. It will be presented to new citizens when they attend the citizenship ceremonies which are organised by councils around the country.

See our Choice - The New Zealand citizenship story for more information and to download the Choice book.

History of New Zealand Citizenship

Prior to 1949 there were no New Zealand citizens. People born or naturalised in New Zealand were British subjects, a status common to the peoples of the United Kingdom and the British Empire.

See our history page for more information.

Citizenship Education

The education website is for teachers and students to explore New Zealand citizenship: what it is, how people become citizens, what citizenship means to them, and much more.

See the Citizenship Education website for more information.


More than 775,000 people have become citizens since New Zealand citizenship was introduced in 1949.

See our Statistics page for more information.

Citizenship Policy

See our policy page for more information.