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Contacting our contact centre

Due to increased volumes of calls into the contact centre an alternative option to booking an appointment can be made via email to our following offices:

Make your application

You can apply for citizenship in person or by post.

Complete the form

Citizenship by grant forms and guides

Make an appointment to apply in person

At the appointment, you'll meet someone who will:
  • check your application form
  • act as a valid witness for your form and photos
  • check you're eligible before you pay the fee
  • photocopy your documents and give them back to you.
You can make an appointment to apply in person at our office in: Call 0800 22 51 51 or contact the office you want to visit to make an appointment.

Citizenship officers also visit other parts of the country at specific time of the year. Find out when you can make an appointment in:

Apply by post

You have to send the originals of your documents (they'll be couriered back to you after about 2 weeks), so use a traced courier bag.

Post your form and documents to:

Department of Internal Affairs
PO Box 10680
Wellington 6143
New Zealand

One of your photos and the witness section must be completed by either a valid NZ passport holder, a citizenship officer or DIA customer services officer.

If your witness is a NZ passport holder they must meet the following criteria:
  • must have a valid New Zealand passport
    • the passport cannot be cancelled, lost or stolen
  • must have known you for one year or more
  • must be 16 years of age or older
  • must not be related to you or be your spouse or partner
  • must not live at the same address as you.
If you want a citizenship officer to act as your witness, you can book an appointment and bring your original documents with you so the citizenship officer can verify your identity.

If you don't have the right documents

If you don't have the right documents and you can't get hold of them, eg you're a refugee and you arrived in New Zealand without any documents, there's space on the application form to explain what's missing and why. You might be asked to provide different types of identification instead.

If we ask for a document and you don't provide it within 6 months (and you don’t have a good reason for why you haven’t), your application can be declined. You won't get a refund.

Pay the fee

It costs:
  • $470.20 to apply as an adult
  • $235.10 to apply for a child.
You can pay by:
  • cheque or bank draft made out to Department of Internal Affairs
  • credit card
  • money order.
You can also pay by cash or EFTPOS at the Citizenship Offices in:
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