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Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction

The Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction was established by the New Zealand Government in response to widespread concern about mental health and addiction services in the mental health sector and the broader community.

LATEST: Email update to all stakeholders (6 April 2018)

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Our Consultation document will be released and available on our website from 27 April.

Wharenui Rotorua

Our purpose

Our purpose is to identify unmet needs related to mental health and addiction, and develop recommendations for a cohesive mental health and addiction approach for Aotearoa, New Zealand.

We are committed to making recommendations that are pragmatic and implementable, with a focus on short and long-term solutions at the national and local level.

We want to build on the good work that is already being done, while looking to system-level change that will improve both promotion of good mental health and support for people with mental health challenges and/or addictions.

In short, we want to generate hope and set a clear direction for the next five to ten years that Government, the mental health and addiction sectors, and the broader community can pick up and implement – to make real, positive change.